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What would they pay game? (First Insight Hack Challenge)


The goal is to create a proof of concept engaging game experience that collects information about products or ideas from people who want to participate in the game. It should allow a player to review a name, description, and picture of the product, set a price for what an average consumer would pay for it, indicate sentiment (positive and negative) and also to add comments.


  • Items (max of 15)
    • Item name – text field (max 128 characters)
    • Item description (text field; max of 512 characters)
    • Images (max of 5 per item)
      • PNG, JPG, GIF
      • Max image dimensions: 1024 x 1024 pixels
    • Range of prices which the user can select as what someone would pay for it (for simplicity, we can go with a range from $0 to $50 with increments of $10 for the game)
    • Ability to indicate sentiment (Love it, Like it, Neutral, Leave it or Hate it); these could be icons which the user can click to make a selection
    • Ability to add comments (text input; max of 256 characters)

Functional Requirements:

  • The player should be presented with one item at a time
  • The player should be able to view item description
  • The player should be able to view all images for an item
  • The player should be able to set a price for the item
  • The player should be able to set a sentiment for an item
  • The player should be able to add comments for an item

Non-functional requirements:

  • Technology stack could be JQuery, JQuery mobile; for now, the item related information could be read from static files (no need to implement a DB)
  • Click through rate per player should be greater than or equal to 90%; we want to make sure that the user stays engaged to review all items (max of 15) and not drop off in the middle.
  • Web application should run on the following devices
    • Desktop/Laptop
      • MacOSX or Windows
      • Browser
        • Chrome
        • Firefox
        • IE11
    • Mobile
      • iPhone, Android